Yoga in South Arm and Lauderdale

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I am Atmashakti and I teach Yoga (postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation) at my Studio in 13 Algona Street, South Arm.

There will be Yoga in Lauderdale as well at the Hall next to Hill Street Grocer starting with an 8 week course on Tuesday, 8February 2016.

Courses and classes are conducted in small groups, which allows for a personalised approach ensuring that the individual needs of each student can be accommodated.

I have been a Yoga teacher for over 30 years and the perception of Yoga has changed significantly during this period.

It has become well known that stress has a detrimental effect on our physical and mental wellbeing and Yoga offers techniques to manage it effectively.  Once we identify our needs, there are many Yoga practices available to cater for us individually.

Most people are aware that Yoga is a great way to relax and exercise the body.  In recent years however, Health Professionals have started to look more closely at some of the other benefits Yoga offers, recommending it as a form of therapy for many modern day ailments.

It has been amazing to witness such turnaround in the perception of these ancient practices which never left me in doubt since that first course I joined  so many years ago.



Some of the Benefits may include:

  • feeling more relaxed and alert
  • feeling more balanced emotionally
  • gaining better flexibility
  • improved muscle tone
  • increased lung capacity
  • improved quality of sleep
  • general well being and a more relaxed state of mind